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Best Mechanical Breakdown Insurance in NZ

Best Mechanical Breakdown Insurance in NZ: Why you may need it and what to consider

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When it comes to owning a car or any other vehicle, mechanical breakdowns are a reality, regardless of how cautious you are. Being prepared for such incidents can save you from incurring costly repairs and potentially prevent you from getting stranded on the road. This is where mechanical breakdown insurance comes in as a safety net to help alleviate such situations. In this article, we look at the best mechanical breakdown insurance policies in New Zealand and what to consider when choosing one.

Why Mechanical Breakdown Insurance?

Car owners often overlook the importance of mechanical breakdown insurance, especially if they already have regular car insurance. However, the difference between the two is significant. While car insurance only covers damages and losses resulting from accidents, mechanical breakdown insurance covers repairs and replacements for mechanical and electrical issues that occur outside of an accident.

Having mechanical breakdown insurance can be the difference between paying thousands of dollars for unexpected repairs and taking your car to a repair shop without having to stress about additional costs. This policy can also provide additional benefits such as towing, reimbursement for rental cars, and even coverage for accommodation in the event of a breakdown that results in a delay during your travel plans.

Considerations When Choosing a Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Policy

Before diving into the best mechanical breakdown insurance policies in New Zealand, it’s essential to know what to consider when selecting a policy that best fits your needs. Here are some considerations:

Policy Coverage

The coverage included in each policy varies. When selecting an insurance policy, ensure that it covers the specific parts and systems that are most susceptible to mechanical failures. Some policies may cover specific parts, while others may not.

Deductibles and Premiums

Deductibles are the amount you’ll have to pay out of pocket before the insurance provider takes over. Different policies have varying deductibles, and some provide a choice of deductibles that can influence the premiums. Higher deductibles generally mean lower premiums, so it’s essential to determine the amount you can afford to pay upfront versus the monthly premiums.

Age and Mileage of Vehicle

The age and mileage of your vehicle can impact the policy’s premiums and coverage. Typically, older vehicles or those with higher mileage may cost more to insure as they are more prone to mechanical issues.

Insurance Provider’s Reputation

Before choosing an insurance provider, research their reputation for reliability, customer service, and claim handling. These factors are essential as they can impact the overall experience and satisfaction with the policy.

Best Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Policies in New Zealand

1.Glimp Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Glimp is one of the leading insurance comparison websites in New Zealand that offers a wide range of insurance options, including Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI). Glimp’s MBI policies provide comprehensive coverage for a range of mechanical failures, including engine and transmission issues, electrical failures, and other major parts. Customers can compare policies from different providers and choose the one that best suits their needs and budget. Glimp’s online platform is user-friendly and allows customers to get quotes and purchase policies quickly and easily. With Glimp’s MBI policies, customers can have peace of mind knowing that they are covered in case of any unexpected mechanical failures, and can avoid the high costs associated with repairing or replacing their vehicles.

2. AA Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

The AA provides some of the best mechanical breakdown insurance policies in New Zealand. Covering both cars and motorcycles, the policy covers most mechanical and electrical parts in standard and comprehensive packages. The policy also covers emergencies like locksmith services and accommodation. Deductibles start at $100, and policy premiums are competitive.

3. Protecta Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Protecta offers a range of mechanical breakdown insurance policies for both cars and motorcycles, with various pricing options for each coverage level. Policies cover essential parts like engine and transmission systems. Towing and rental car benefits are also included in some policies.

4. Autosure Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Autosure provides mechanical breakdown insurance for cars and commercial vehicles, covering major engine and transmission issues, and electrical systems. Autosure policies also offer roadside assistance, towing, and rental car coverage as additional benefits. You can find an autosure dealer near you here.

5. Autolife Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

AutoLife MBI is a type of mechanical breakdown insurance offered by AutoLife New Zealand. It is designed to protect car owners from unexpected repair costs that arise from mechanical failures. AutoLife MBI offers various coverage options, from basic to comprehensive coverage, depending on the needs of the policyholder. The coverage typically includes engine and transmission, cooling system, brakes, steering and suspension, electrical components, fuel system, and air conditioning. With AutoLife MBI, policyholders can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is protected against unforeseen mechanical breakdowns that may occur. Additionally, AutoLife offers various benefits such as 24/7 roadside assistance, rental car benefits, and trip interruption coverage.

6. Janssen Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Janssen Insurance offers Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) to New Zealand drivers as a way to protect their vehicles and avoid unexpected repair costs. Janssen Insurance’s MBI policy covers a range of mechanical and electrical issues that may occur with your vehicle, from engine failure to transmission problems. Their MBI policies are designed to suit a variety of budgets and vehicle types, making it easy for drivers to find the coverage that works for them. In addition to providing financial protection against mechanical breakdowns, Janssen Insurance offers 24/7 roadside assistance to help drivers who experience a breakdown or other issues while on the road. Overall, Janssen Insurance’s MBI policy provides peace of mind for New Zealand drivers by offering affordable and comprehensive coverage for unexpected vehicle repairs.


Investing in mechanical breakdown insurance can help save you money in the long run while providing peace of mind for unexpected breakdowns. When deciding on the right policy for you, ensure that you consider the coverage, deductibles, age and mileage of the vehicle, and the insurance provider’s reputation. The six firms identified in this article offer some of the best mechanical breakdown insurance policies in New Zealand, covering a broad range of vehicles and providing additional benefits to their policyholders.

If you’d like a more detailed insight into MBI you can read our Ultimate Guide to Mechanical Breakdown Insurance in NZ.

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